Engineered Marble (Quartz, Block)

With the advent of technology and demand for more robust flooring and wall cladding material with low maintenance and high durability, came artificial marble.

These product looks like the real McCoy but come at less cost than the real thing, looks like the natural stone which they imitate and are maintenance free. But, all this has been possible because of our ARL-208 artificial marble series.

Our range of artificial marble series are specially designed for the special characteristics that are needed of them. They have been designed to work flawlessly on Breton and other similar technologies.

Grades include:
Block - ARL-211 series is a medium viscosity, non-pre-accelerated, low reactive, non-thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin specifically designed for use in the production of artificial / engineered block marble. It is a low shrinkage, low exotherm and high resistance to bending and crack formation makes it an excellent choice for block marble.

Quartz - ARL-213 series is a low colour, medium viscosity, non-pre-accelerated, non-thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin specially designed for use in the manufacture of composite quartz slabs. It has high filler loading, good mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance and produces a glossy surface finish.