Decorative | Casting

Decorative works of arts are increasingly being made using unsaturated polyester resin. Today these are not just limited to small statues, but are more than life size pieces. Besides statues, building facades, street decorations and other architectural objects are also being extensively made using UPR. Things which looks to be made using stone, marble or glass are normally result of the excellent craftsmanship using unsaturated polyester resin.

Asterix's ARL-611 series has a whole range of unsaturated polyester resinsto suit every requirement of the modern day artist.
These resins range from low to medium viscosity, medium curing time, flexible, weather resistant, high filler loading,
high-strength and easily malleable in the hands of the discerning artist. These are made as per the customer requirement and
can be made suitable for machine moulding or hand moulding.