A company is only as strong as its team.
Asterix had recognized this long back and treats its team as its investment.
The core management team of the company comprises of:

Mr. Pavwan Droliaa | Director
Dynamic entrepreneur  with a very progressive and forward thinking vision. He has been instrumental in keeping the company on a constant growth trajectory.
Coming from a business family having factories and trading houses, he has been involved in his family business from a very young age. Realising the future potential in polymer composites, he started trading in the same and eventually setup manufacturing units having garnered a set of loyal customers.
With this experience and strong business acumen and having a loyal and dedicated team backing his dreams, the growth path of the company under his able leadership was cemented.

Mr. Pashupathi Thakur | Director
A hardcore marketing genius.
He has been involved in sales and marketing from a very young age. He started his career in sales and marketing in various top-notch pharma and related companies.
He has been with the company since inception, and today, he is one of the pillars of the company guaranteeing that production never suffers due to sales.

Mr. Avinash Mandelia | Director
An entrepreneur to the core with finance and production being his forte.
He started his career with computer software commanding hundreds of professionals and leading them into the digital revolution. This strengthened his people and time management skills.
But his love was with numbers. Having done his MBA (Finance), he applied the logical and systematic approach of computers to finance and production and today manages the companies finance and production activities and is one of the key pillars in the growth of the company.

Mr. Ravi Kanojia | Director
An administrator to the core.
After completing his graduation, he started his career as an accountant. Having gained knowledge and experience, he moved on to taking the additional responsibility of administration also.
Since inception of Asterix, he has been responsible for the overall accounts and administration and is a very important support system for the company.