Natural Marble

Asterix has a range of unsaturated polyester resin grades which find use in natural marble right from filling the natural pores to providing it strength to creating the required gloss on the polished surface.

ARL-108 marble series, is a medium viscosity, pre-accelerated / non pre-accelerated, non-thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin specially designed for natural marble.

It has good adhesion to the marble, is fast curing even under extreme weather conditions and provides strength to the marble slab by impregnating itself even in the microscopic pores.

Variations include:

HiGloss - ARL-108/ISO imparts a high gloss finish to the top surface of the marble. This is generally used on marbles which cannot be polished after fixing, or where the extra hi-gloss is required to enhance the natural beauty of the marble.

NaturalGloss - ARL-108/NG is a clear transparent resin which imparts a good gloss to the top surface of the marble. This can also be used for fiber filling on the back side for extra strength.

FiberFilling - ARL-108/FF is a high strength resin with good surface adhesion, slightly dark in colour which is excellent for bonding the fiber mat to the back side of marble for providing extra strength.