Sheet Compression Molding Compund

Asterix manufactures Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) that are used in hot compression moulding press. Our range of SMC allows for small parts to very large parts to be moulded with ease.

As with other composites, Asterix SMC is a homogenous mixture of polyester resin, fillers, fiber reinforcement, pigments, catalyst, release agents, thickners, etc, manufactured in a continuous process.

SMC are used in a variety of applications ranging from transportation, aerospace, automotive, electrical, railways, building and construction, industrial etc.

Asterix's SMC are tailor made to your specific requirement and we can manufacture SMC based on various customer specific criteria like:

  • Glass percentage can be adjusted from 15% to 60%, based on your requirement.

  • Glass length can be increased to as high as 2 inch.

  • Colours to match your requirement.

  • Chemical resistant.

  • Electrically non-conductive.

  • Flame retardant.

  • High strength.

  • Hi-gloss surface finish.

  • Packing flexibility to match your manufacturing requirement.